AL/Greece Initiative Symposium, 2015

algreecesymp2015On October 23, 2015 (in Smith Hall 2015). from 3-4:30, the second group of UA faculty who traveled to Greece participated in a symposium, on UA’s campus — introduced by Senior Assoc. Dean Luoheng Han (pictured above) — in which they discussed their research and experience in Thessaloniki in May 2015.

Opening Remarks

Assoc. Dean Luoheng Han, College of Arts and Sciences

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Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Classics
Ian Brown, Chair and Professor, Anthropology
– Andy Crank, Assistant Professor, English
Jeffrey Melton, Associate Professor, American Studies
Samantha Hansen, Associate Professor, Geological Sciences
Memorie Gosa, Assistant Professor, Communicative Disorders
Kevin Shaughnessy, Chair and Professor, Chemistry
Andy Fitch, Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance