The Alabama Greece Initiative is directed by Dean Robert Olin, with the assistance of Associate Dean Luoheng Han. Based on their experience in Greece, Prof. Tatiana Tsakirpoulou-Summers and Prof. Russell McCutcheon assist the initiative as consultants.


Past Committee Members

The College of Arts and Sciences Planning Committee for the Spring 2011 phase of the Alabama Greece Initiative was comprised of the following faculty members:

Andrew Raffo Dewar (New College and School of Music)
Russell T. McCutcheon (Liaison to the College of Arts and Sciences)
Steven Ramey (Department of Religious Studies; Committee Chair)
K. Merinda Simmons (Department of Religious Studies)
Tatiana Tsakirpoulou-Summers (Department of Modern Languages and Classics)

Special thanks to Ms. Vaia Touna (Aristotle University and the University of Alberta) for her early assistance in helping the College to prepare for this initiative and for serving as the Dean’s translator during his May 2012 visit to Greece.

The 2011 committee reported directly to Associate Dean Luoheng Han, who oversees the College’s international initiatives.