stefanouThe University of Alabama has had the good fortune of being able to invite a variety of guests, from Aristotle University, to come to Tuscaloosa to visit our campus and share their research with us — for either a stay of a week or, in two different cases, as graduate students employed by the College of Arts & Sciences as an Instructor for a full semester.

Although their visits are discussed elsewhere on this site (See the sub-menus on the Collaborate link above), the following is a chronological list of some of the Greek colleagues (students and faculty) who have visited (or, in the case of the two doctoral students, worked at) the University of Alabama.

tounaVaia Touna
Ph.D. Student, Aristotle University
Instructor in the Department of Religious Studies
Spring semester 2010 (In Fall 2015 Vaia was hired
as a tenure-track Assistant Professor
at the University of Alabama)

ziakaProf. Angeliki Ziaka
Faculty of Theology, Aristotle University
February 2011

danaeProf. Danae Stefanou
Faculty of Music, Aristotle University
April 2011

piperakisSpyros Piperakis
Ph.D. Student, Aristotle University
Instructor, Department of Religious Studies
Spring semester 2012

pavlidesProf. Spyros Pavlides
Faculty of Geology Aristotle University
March 2014

cypressinnAs part of a Spring 2016 conference (organized by UA’s Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers [Modern Languages & Classics; seated in the center]); the following guests were brought to UA (from left to right they are): Katerina Kitsi (English, AUTh), Eleni Papazoglou (Theatre, AUTh), Helen Tank (standing; Classics, University of Birmingham, UK), Lila Karakosta (Theatre, AUTh), and Youli Theodosiadou (English, AUTh).