UA Collaborate 2018

In the Fall of 2017 a new call for proposals was distributed — this time for all UA faculty, rather than just for A&S faculty members — to participate in the AL/Greece Initiative during 2017-18.

The trip, which will again be a week-long visit to Aristotle University, Thessaloniki (AUTh), leaves on the Sun (May 6) after Spring graduation. It will again involve an opening conference, hosted at AUTh, as in past years. (Pictured above are members of UA’s May 2018 delegation with Greek colleagues and hosts, visiting the Gerovassiliou vineyard, near Thessaloniki.)

The members of the 2018 UA trip are:

Dr. William Bomar
Executive Director, UA Museums

Ass’t Prof. Jeremy Crawford
School of Music

Prof. Arunava Gupta
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Prof. Su Gupta
College of Engineering

Ass’t Prof. Cajetan Iheka

Prof. Juan Lopez-Bautista
Biological Sciences

Prof. Delores Robinson
Geological Sciences

Ass’t Prof. Rebecca Salzer
Theatre & Dance

Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Whitaker
School of Music

Ass’t Prof. Feng Yan
College of Engineering

Ass’t Prof. Amir Zaheri
School of Music

And here’s a video that the School of Music’s Jonathan Whitaker made after returning from the May 2018 trip.