UA Collaborate 2014

aristotleAs the next phase in this initiative, in May of 2014 a group of eight UA faculty traveled to Aristotle University (AUTH), in Thessaloniki, for a week, as part of what is hoped to be an ongoing series of faculty collaborations between UA and AUTH scholars.

Led by Associate Dean Luoheng Han, the UA group — selected from over 40 applications by the College of Arts & Sciences, in close consultation with our partners at Aristotle University — included the following faculty, each of whom developed a specific collaborative project they hope to develop further with a Greek faculty partner:

Prof. Juan Lopez-Bautista (Biological Sciences)

Prof. Ibrahim Cemen (Geological Sciences)

cevascoAssoc. Prof. Andrea Cevasco (Music Therapy)

fitchAssoc. Prof. Andy Fitch (Theatre & Dance)

harrisProf. Trudier Harris (English)

meltonAssoc. Prof. Jeffrey Melton (American Studies)


Assoc. Prof. Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers (Classics)

Obtain a handout of the 2014 collaborators here (PDF)

And, as with Dean Olin’s initial visit to Thessaloniki in May of 2012 (pictured at top, posing with Aristotle), Ms. Vaia Touna (a native of Thessaloniki and a graduate of Aristotle University, who is now pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Edmonton, Canada), will once again join the UA group to assist us with logistics. (The 2014 group is pictured below, at Aristotle Square, Thessaloniki.)

Picture 3
Apart from orientating UA faculty to the city of Thessaloniki, to Aristotle University (AUTH), and to northern Greece in general, the trip is mainly intended to allow for a series of one-on-one meetings between the A&S faculty members and their AUTH collaborators.


In early October 2014, the inaugural group of A&S faculty who traveled to Greece were invited to apply for “funding for continuing your collaborative project developed from the May [2014] trip.” An announcement of the projects that will receive some additional funding will be announced later in the Fall semester.