AUTh in AL 2019

After a competitive proposal process from UA faculty already working with Greek scholars, Dean Robert Olin, of the College of Arts & Sciences, has again brought a group of AUTh faculty to Tuscaloosa, each for a week’s visit, to work with their UA collaborators.

The following members of the Aristotle University community therefore visited the University of Alabama during the 2018-2019 academic year:

Helen Baxewanidou
Head, Department of International Relations
Read Helen’s report on the Initiative (PowerPoint/PDF)

Jacques Ganoulis
Special Secretary for Water,
Ministry of Environment and Energy, Greece
(Emeritus, Civil Engineering, Aristotle University)

Philomela Komninou
School of Physics
Group Leader, Nanostructured Materials Microscopy Group
(Working with Arun Gupta)

Markos Tranos
Dept of Geology, School of Geology
(Working with Delores Robinson)

Ioannis Xydopoulos
School of History and Archaeology
(Working with Vaia Touna)