AUTh in AL 2017

The next phase in the initiative began in the 2016-17 academic year, when a call went out to all UA faculty who have so far participated in collaborations with AUTh faculty. They were each invited to submit a proposal to bring their Greek collaborator to Alabama for a week (sometime in either the Spring, Interim, or Summer semester of 2017).

Six proposals were funded, by UA’s College of Arts and Sciences; the following AUTh faculty will therefore each be visiting Tuscaloosa (hosted individually, by their collaborator and the collaborator’s home Department) to share their research, learn more about the University of Alabama, and further their work with their UA partner (whose name is also listed below each photo). We’ll see them each on campus throughout the Spring or Summer semesters.

Prof. Despoina Kaklamanidou
Film and Television Theory & History
(Working with Prof. Ana Corbalan)

Prof. Philomela Komninou
School of Physics
Group Leader, Nanostructured Materials Microscopy Group
(Working with Prof. Arun Gupta)

Dr. Athanasia Kyriakou
Department of History and Archaeology
(Working with Prof. Vaia Touna)

Prof. Spyros Pavlides
School of Geology
(Working with Prof. Ibrahim Cemen)

Prof. Matoula Scaltsa
History of Art and Museology
Head of the Museology-Cultural Management MA Program
(Working with Prof. Ian Brown)

Prof. Anna Stavrakopoulou
School of Drama
(Working with Profs. Rebecca Salzer and Amir Zaheri)

Also, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Robert Olin (whose building, Clark Hall, is pictured above), has invited Dr. Ariadni Stogiannidou, a Vice Rector of Aristotle University, to visit Alabama in May 2017, so that she too can learn more about our campus and discuss the future of this exciting initiative.

Dr. Ariadni Stogiannidou, Professor, School of Psychology
Vice Rector, Academic and Student Affairs, AUTh