AUTh Collaborate 2018

A group of Aristotle University faculty are again working with University of Alabama faculty on some common research projects, as part of another Alabama/Greece Initiative faculty collaboration. (Pictured aboveĀ  is the May 2018 group of AUTh and UA collaborators and attendees, following the annual opening conference.)

Among the AUTh faculty involved in the 2018 initiative are
(some of whom are returning to the collaboration):

Katerina Delikonstantinidou
Department of English

Prof. Yiorgos Kalogeras
Department of English

Prof. Philomela Komninou
Department of Physics

Prof. Michalis Lapidakis
School of Music Studies

Assoc. Prof. Markos Tranos
Dept of Geology, School of Geology

Prof. Matoula Scaltsa
History of Art & Museology, School of Architecture

Prof. Maria Moustaka-Gouni
Dept. of Botany, School of Biology

Assoc. Prof. Anna Stavrakopoulou
School of Drama