AUTh Collaborate 2014

2014’s inaugural collaboration between multiple faculty at Aristotle University and the University of Alabama was a tremendous success — it even made the AUTh website. In fact, it was successful enough to lead to a second visit by Alabama faculty, in 2015, and a third is now being planned (for May 2016).

Among the AUTh faculty who were involved in the 2014 collaboration are:

kitsi-mitakouProf. Katerina Kitsi-Mitakou
Dept. of English, School of Philosophy

Moustaka-GouniProf. Maria Moustaka-Gouni
Dept. of Botany, School of Biology

Pavlides2Prof. Spyros Pavlides
Dept. of Geology and Physical Geography

TheodosiadouAssoc. Prof. Youli Theodosiadou
Dept. of American Literature & Culture School of English